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DriUbk ( Five Star Lx ) Car Service in Brooklyn, has been built with you on mine, to bring you the most affordable and reliable Cab Service in Brooklyn and within the five boroughs, door to door service for more than 25 years, simply call us at any time one of our representatives will be able to get you going in minutes.

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JFK: $ 45

LaG: $ 48

EWR: $ 100

All Tolls Included !

Prices are based on area code 11218 Brooklyn, NY. 

( Included all MTA & Port A fees )

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Sedan: traveling along or up to 3 people we have the perfect much for you, call us for a quote today!

car service

Suv: Traveling with a bigger group of up to 5 people, or just heading to the airport ( JFK, LaG, EWR ) we can handle it always with an affordable price, call us for a quote today!

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Minivan: bigger group up to 7 people, the sienna is the perfect minivan, more languages we can handle it too, call us for a quote today!